Registration Agreement

Zachys Wine Auctions is requested to bid on the following lots up to the price stated. All lots are to be purchased at the lowest possible price, subject to other absentee bids and competitive bidding of those in attendance. I understand that if my bid is successful, the purchase price payable will be the sum of the final bid plus a Buyer’s Premium, along with any state, local or compensating use tax due thereon. All bids shall be treated as offers made on the terms of the Conditions of Sale found in this catalog. In the event of duplicate bids, the earliest bid takes priority. Telephoned bids are not recommended and cannot be accepted the days of the sales. Telephone bids are not accepted on any lots below $2,000. Payment for lots purchased by successful bids must be forwarded immediately upon receipt of invoice. Payments not received within fourteen days after the auction will be subject to a 2% per month late charge. All charges are subject to acceptance by Zachys Wine Auctions and the applicable credit card company. Zachys Wine Auctions will accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard, please inquire. In the event a charge is not approved, Buyers nevertheless remain liable for all amounts owed.


Buyers are expected to pay for purchases within 14 calendar days of the auction. Payments received after this 14 day period will be subject to a 2% per month late charge. In addition, any payments in default after 21 days will incur a penalty equal to 3% of the total purchase price and may be charged every 14 days past the intial 21 day period. Payment can be made by credit card, check, money order, bank wire transfer or cash. Cash payments will only be accepted at the Zachys Wine and Liquor retail store. Please submit the collection and delivery form to expedite payment and delivery for auction purchases. Auction purchases will not automatically be delivered.

For Hong Kong Auctions, payment will be accepted in both Hong Kong Dollars and United States Dollars. If Buyer chooses to pay in US$ the conversion rate will be the closing spot rate of the day of the sale. To avoid delays in the release of your purchases, potential Buyers are requested to supply bank references prior to the auction.

Zachys will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Credit card purchases may not exceed $10,000.

In the event a charge or check is not accepted by the appropriate financial institution, Buyer remains liable for all amounts owed on date due.

Checks should be payable to:
Zachys Wine Auctions, Inc.
39 Westmoreland Avenue
White Plains, NY 10606

Zachys Wine Auctions accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Please inquire.

Buying & Bidding Information

Conditions of Sale & Limited Warranty
Prior to bidding, all participants must read the Conditions of Sale & Limited Warranty contained in this catalog that state the terms governing the purchase of wine sold at auction. By participating in an auction, an auction participant agrees to be bound by the Conditions of Sale and Limited Warranty, printed in this catalog.

Catalog lot entries include a description of every lot and an estimated price range that is our opinion of the price expected at auction. Estimates are a guide for bidders and reflect prices recently paid at auction for comparable wines. Each estimate takes into account, among other things, condition, rarity, quality and provenance (history of ownership). Estimates are determined in advance of the sale and are therefore subject to revision.

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