Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Zachys?
Zachys Wine Auctions
T: 866.324.9954
Zachys Asia Limited
T: 852.5803.8244


I'm interested in consigning wine. What do I do?
Zachys is currently accepting consignments of all sizes for our live and online auctions. Not sure if auction is right for you? We accept consignments of all sizes, so if you're unsure, it's best to ask. Call or email one of our Wine Specialists and we'll talk you through every step of the process.

The first step in the auction process is to send us an inventory. If you don't have an inventory, or can't do one yourself, our specialists can often put one together at no cost. Ask us! If you do have one, it should include quantity, size, vintage, and wine description and other pertinent information. Email or fax your list to (914)313-2350.
The labels on my bottles have deteriorated. Are they still auctionable?
Yes! In fact, this is often a sign that the wines have been stored in properly damp conditions.
I would like a valuation of my cellar for insurance purposes. How much will that cost?
While we do not offer insurance valuations as one of our standard services, please call (866)324-9954 to speak with an auction specialist about your options.


How do I bid?
The first thing you need to do is Create an Account. There is a button to ‘Signup’ on the home page. Here you will need to fill out your billing information, delivery address, and credit card information. Once your account is set up, you can just sign in and start bidding. Bidding in a live auction can be done online ahead of the auction date, live online, over the phone, or in person.
I am placing absentee bids in an upcoming sale. How will I know if I have any successful bids?
You can view the status of your absentee bids at any time in the My Account section on the website when you are logged in. From here, select the auction you want to view your bids in. The page will show a summary of your bids, the lots you have won/winning, or lost/losing, as well as lots you are watching. You can also bid on these lots from this page. Click on the lot to be directed back to the Lot Detail page for more information.
At the close of the auction, invoices are emailed to successful bidders as soon as results are confirmed. Please feel free to contact a ZWA customer service associate at (866)324-9954 or for more information. A full listing of auction results is posted on after the sale.
Do I need to know my client number when filling out my absentee bid form?
No. If you do not know your client number or have never bid with Zachys before, you can be registered as long as you provide billing and shipping addresses, telephone numbers, and valid credit card information.
Do I need to send in the collection and delivery form with my bids?
No. Collection and delivery of your purchases is arranged post sale. At that time, you can either send in the collection and delivery form, or you can simply email with your instructions. Instructions will not be processed until Zachys has received payment in full for the sale in question.
Do you need banking information as well as my credit card information to process my bids?
Credit card information is sufficient for all bid requests totaling less than $20,000. Bid requests amounting to more than $20,000 require bank information as well.
What are the bidding increments?
The proper increments are listed below.
$0-$100: by $10s, i.e., $10, 20, 30’¦
$100-$500: by $20s, i.e., $100, 120, 140’¦
$500-$1000: by $50s
$1000-$2000: by $100s
$2000-$5000: by $200s
$5000-$10,000: by $500s
$10,000-$20,000: by $1000s
$20,000-$50,000+: by $2000s
What does ‘Your Max:’ mean, and how do max bids work?
When bidding, you have the option either to simply bid the next increment, or to specify a maximum bid that may be higher than the current bidding level of the lot. If you bid two or more increments above the current bid, our system will automatically continue to bid for you if there is additional competition on the lot, up to your maximum. Should someone outbid your maximum bid, you will be alerted via email that ‘you have been outbid.’ If you wish to compete further, you can do so at any time up until the auction closes.
How can I view and manage all of my current bids?
At the top of the page is a section called ‘My Account’. From here, select the auction you want to view your bids in. The page will show a summary of your bids, the lots you have won/winning, or lost/losing, as well as lots you are watching. You can also bid on these lots from this page. Click on the lot to be directed back to the Lot Detail page for more information.
What is the cutoff time for me to submit a bid?
All of our internet auctions close on the last Sunday of the month at exactly 9pm Eastern time. You can place bids at any time, from the moment the auction opens until the close.
How do I find a specific wine that I want to bid on?
There are various search methods at the top of the screen. You can search by lot number or keyword, or filter by country, region, type, size, quantity, vintage and packaging. For a condensed list of every wine in the sale with lot numbers, you can download the auction spreadsheet available on the auciton page.

The Catalog

How can I get an auction catalog?
You can obtain catalogs for our upcoming auctions by downloading a free PDF from our website or emailing us at with your name and address.
What is a parcel lot?
A parcel is a sequence of lots carrying the same estimates and consisting of the same type, quantity, and bottle size. In this type of sale, the buyer of the first lot of a parcel of wine will have, at the discretion of the auctioneer, the option to take any or all further lots in the parcel for the same price.
What do these estimates mean? What should I bid?
The prices listed in the catalog are values estimated by our auction specialists based on extensive research of market value, retail value, release price, recent auction prices at Zachys as well as our competitors, and a number of other factors. We cannot predict where the hammer will fall, these are merely estimates. In deciding where to bid, we suggest that you consider how much you are willing to spend on a particular bottle, including the buyer's premium.

Attending the Auction

Do I need to register in order to attend the auction?
All Zachys auctions are open to the public. You only need to register in order to bid; spectators are welcome to attend. Lunch is available only for registered bidders. It is perfectly fine to register on the day of the sale. However, pre-registering saves you time at the registration table.

Settlement of Invoice & Shipping

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. Zachys Wine Auctions will accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. All charges are subject to acceptance by Zachys Wine Auctions and the applicable credit card company. In the event a charge is not approved, Buyers nevertheless remain liable for all amounts owed. Credit card purchases for Live Sales may not exceed $10,000 USD per sale, however there are no credit card limits for transactions processed electronically.
I purchased wine at your last auction. Where is it located?
Zachys Wine Auctions has warehouse facilities in White Plains, New York, California, and Hong Kong. Wine is delivered in accordance with the law of the state in which the inventory resides. Delivery rates and restrictions vary from state to state — please refer to our Buying & Bidding Information for complete information on this subject. To arrange for delivery and collection, download our Collection and Delivery Form or email *Buying wine at auction on either coast has never been so easy! Please contact our customer service representatives with questions.
Will I automatically get my wine after the sale?
All successful bidders in our Live Sales must contact a customer service associate to arrange the collection and delivery of their purchases. Online customers have the option for automatic delivery post sale, via the method you choose when you register.
When is the earliest I can have my wine delivered?
Zachys generally operates on a 72 hour turn-around time. However, during the first week after the sale, due to the high volume of requests for delivery , it may take longer than 72 hours for instructions to be processed. Please note that invoices of 15 lots or more may take longer to process.
Can items from one invoice be delivered to multiple addresses?
Yes. However, lots cannot be split: each individual lot must be delivered to one location.
Do you deliver overseas?
We know of several trusted freight forwarders that deliver wine all over the world and we will put you in contact with them and help to arrange for the delivery on your behalf. However please note that spirits may not be delivered internationally. Please contact customer service with questions at
What are my delivery options?
Options available include ground, 2-day air, and next day air service through UPS, Fed-Ex, and DHL. Additionally, fully licensed temperature-controlled trucking is available, or you can also personally pick up your auction purchases at our Scarsdale New York or Hong Kong locations. Please contact us for more information.
What is the difference between ‘Send to Storage’ and ‘Ship Automatically’?
If you select ‘Send to Storage,’ or delivery is not available at the time, your wines will be automatically moved to your Zachys storage account.

If you select ‘Ship Automatically,’ your wines will be delivered, in accordance with law, to your designated address within four weeks after the auction closes using the method you chose at registration. If you need expedited service, please contact our customer service team at or 866-324-9954. The delivery service you engage will notify you via email with a tracking number when your wines leave the storage facility.
If I choose to ‘Pickup at Zachys,’ what are the addresses for Scarsdale and White Plains?
If you choose ‘Scarsdale’ your wines will be available at our retail store located in Scarsdale Village at 16 East Parkway, Scarsdale, NY 10583.

If you choose ‘White Plains’ your wines will be available at our New York Fine Wine Storage facility located at 39 Westmoreland Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606.

You will be notified via email when your wines are ready to be picked up.
When do I pay for my purchases?
You will receive an email confirmation within hours of the close of the sale listing all of your winning lots, the hammer prices and the total with buyer’™s premium. The credit card you registered with will be charged automatically for your winning lots when the auction closes. If you prefer to pay by check or wire transfer, please contact Zachys at (866) 324-9954 or within 48 hours of the close of the sale.
How do I collect my wines?
Depending on the delivery method you selected when registering, your wines will either be automatically sent to your NYFWS account, available for pickup at our Scarsdale or White Plains location, or delivered to your designated address in accordance with law two to four weeks after the auction closes. You will be notified via email with a tracking number when your package leaves our facility, so please be sure to check your spam filters. Please keep in mind that adult signatures are always required.
I just received a bill from New York Fine Wine Storage. What is this?
New York Fine Wine Storage is our temperature controlled on-site storage facility. Auction purchases will be stored free of charge for the first 30 days after the auction from which the wine is purchased.