Zachys 2023 Year In Review!


Happy new year everyone! The year in review is always one of the most enjoyable things about January—it’s a time to reflect on our successes of the past year—and some of our challenges, too, and you can read all about it here!

In short, demand for the finest and rarest wines remains high and thus prices continue to increase on many of them. This price resilience, and even record-breaking, has continued across auctions and auction sites in spite of larger macroeconomic concerns; e.g. rare Burgundy prices are still higher than pre-pandemic. Moreover, Zachys continues to display its mastery of the single-owner sale through our personalized approach to each and every collection entrusted to us, yielding market-defying results. Results such as, most recently, A Winemaker’s Cellar, which realized $9,631,413, was 22.3% over the pre-auction estimates and was far and away the most “talked about” event of the fall season (you can read more about that in the 2023 review).

We have a great start to 2024 with our January 25th Fine & Rare Wines & Spirits, but that’s only the beginning! We’re in the midst of filling our annual big Burgundy sale, so take advantage of this strong fine and rare wine market (and the noted price upticks associated with this special auction) now, email us at